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A Simple Promise

Revenue Healthcare Services promises to always bring value to your practice, facility, or agency. This may come in the form of simplified management, reduced overhead, lower fees compared to your present service, and/or increased revenues. Our consultants start with a free, no-obligation practice audit. We only recommend our services if that audit shows strong potential for your benefit. Request your free, no-obligation practice audit, now.

Revenue cycle management in Chicago, IL

Why Choose Revenue Healthcare Services

Revenue Healthcare Services based in Chicago IL becomes a part of your medical billing team no matter where you are in the United States.

Let Revenue Healthcare Services Become a Part of Your Billing Department

Never worry about training billing staff again. Our staff is always there, trained, and completely focused on your revenue - so your staff can focus on patients. Worrying about employee turnover, sick leave, and scheduling vacations for your billing staff becomes a thing of the past. We thoroughly train your staff who will be interacting with us. Our systems, efficiency, and expertise significantly lower overhead compared to employing and managing the hands-on billing staff internally.

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